I made the art direction and opening title for the new Arte web-documentary : Casus Boloss (Stories of Conflicts). It's a serie originally written by Matthieu Putzolu and Aurèle Jacquot, which is dealing with geo-political issues in 5 minutes
You can watch the first season on Arte FR, Youtube and Facebook​​​​​​​
Opening title

Title / Logo

Episode 01
Episodes 2 - 10
I asked to Valentin Nouvel to create, adapt and animate all the visuals of the serie. you can watch his work in this amazing editing. 

Client : Arte
Autors : Aurèle Jacquot & Matthieu Putzolu
Art Direction / Storyboard / Animation : Cyril Calgaro
Music : Aurèle Jacquot
Sound Design : Cyril Calgaro​​​​​​​

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